Welcome Back!

Posted by DARREN DUKART on 8/20/2018

Welcome back students!  Some important information to get us moving this year.

METHOD BOOKS:  We are going to be using the "Essential Elements 2000" method book.  6th graders need book 1, 7th graders need book 2, and 8th graders need book 3.  Books can be purchased at either GRANER music or MEEKER music

Percussion students need to rent a percussion "kit" from either GRANER music or MEEKER music.  The kit should include a pair of snare sticks, a pair of mallets, a snare drum, a bell set, and a practice pad.  Percussionists should leave the bells and snare drum at home to practice on and bring their sticks and practice pad with them to class each day.

All students should now have an instrument of their own (rental or owned).  Students renting instruments from the school will be bringing home instrument rental agreements on Tuesday, August 21st.