Advisory Expectations


Welcome to your new advisory class!

As you know, quarter 1 is 100% online at Bijou, so we will be using Schoology for advisory also.

You are required to complete an assigment every day to receive credit for this course, and it is also the method I will use to take classroom attendance.

For those of you who have been in my advisory class before, you know the required work will not be daunting. I will keep it light, interesting and hopefully, engaging.

Basically, if you watch the videos I post and participate in the discussions, you will receive the credit for advisory. There will be some writing assignments, but don't be scared! :)

Some days will just require that you contact me to discuss your classes or concerns via email or phone during my office hours.

Make sure you log into Schoology everday to complete the assignment and be counted present.

You can use the link on my homepage to access Schoology.

We'll be talking soon!