Graduate Profile

Colorado Springs School District 11 Graduate Profile

In an ever-changing world, in the midst of shifting from industrial-based to an information-based global society, education needs to be ever-evolving. We know students need to be prepared for citizenship in a global community, and success in the modern workforce, therefore, Colorado Springs School District 11, in collaboration with our community, district educators, and support personnel, is proud to announce the D11 Graduate Profile. The eight core competency elements of our Graduate Profile align with our strategic plan, and will truly help us navigate the whole student towards life skills success.

  • Continuous Learner
  • Academically Ready
  • Empowered Citizen
  • Skilled Communicator
  • Healthy and Balanced
  • Innovative Problem Solver
  • Empathetic Collaborator
  • Critical Thinker

To learn more about the Colorado Springs School District 11 Graduate Profile, and how you may best support your student in reaching these competencies, please visit