Girls Softball Beginning of Season

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August 29 – September 29   

Practices will start August 29 

Games 9/8, 9/15, 9/22, 9/29   

Sports Physical and Emergency Contact Forms must be turned into Main Office  

Fee $15  

Games will start the week of September 5th on Thursdays @ 4:30pm 

Teams will be scheduled for 4 games at various D11 middle schools.  

Transportation to games is the responsibility of the player’s family.   

Additional information  

All players on the field must use softball gloves. 

Ball shall be a 12-inch diameter ball.  

Teams will consist of up to 10 players in the field at a time.  

The pitch must be delivered underhand with a release below the waist.  

Pitch must be delivered with minimal arc.  

Bases will be 60 feet apart and the pitching mound will be 43 feet from home plate.  

All batters shall wear a batting helmet with a face protector.